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Air flow Shutdown and Different ‘Illness Management’ Killing Strategies

The logical resolution to lethal illness outbreaks on farms—that are filthy, crowded, feces-ridden breeding grounds for contagious sicknesses—can be to not breed, elevate, and kill our fellow animals for meals. When outbreaks inevitably ravage these hellholes, staff mass exterminate the animals in numerous extraordinarily merciless methods, together with by way of air flow shutdown, decapitation, and extra.

Check out these barbaric strategies—allowed by the American Veterinary Medical Affiliation (AVMA)—that farms use to kill animals for “illness management.”

Air flow Shutdown and VSD Plus

Animals endure extended and terrifying deaths when farms kill them by way of air flow shutdown (VSD)—a course of wherein staff shut off all airflow to the sheds wherein the animals are stored, slowly suffocating them. VSD Plus entails including carbon dioxide to the air, which deprives the animals of oxygen, and elevating the temperature to as excessive as 120 levels, which basically bakes them alive.

The excruciating course of can take hours, and animals typically writhe, gasp, and desperately thrust themselves towards the partitions in an try to flee earlier than finally succumbing to heatstroke and suffocation. A U.Ok. examine revealed {that a} botched VSD killing left some pigs struggling for greater than 16 hours. Nonetheless, the AVMA allows this vile apply by itemizing VSD Plus as “permitted in constrained circumstances.”

Water-Based mostly Foam

On misleadingly labeled “cage-free” farms—the place birds are sometimes crammed so tightly into filthy sheds that they’ll barely transfer—firefighting foam is usually used for mass slaughter. The water-based foam is sprayed on the animals, basically smothering them.

The birds endure stress and agony as they slowly suffocate—generally for as much as 14 minutes—and people who are nonetheless alive after quarter-hour could also be choked, overwhelmed, or stomped to demise.

Carbon Dioxide

A standard technique for mass killing on egg farms is by gassing birds to demise with carbon dioxide, which is usually finished by filling their sheds with fuel or by trapping the birds beneath plastic tarps and pumping carbon dioxide into the sealed space. The fuel deprives the animals of oxygen as they shake and gasp for air.

Different Strategies

The AVMA additionally permits decapitating birds and electrocuting cows. Pigs could also be administered a deadly dose of sodium nitrite, which causes them to double over and vomit profusely earlier than dying—which might take hours.

Inform the AVMA to Act Now!

Chickens, pigs, cows, and others don’t wish to be killed, and the least the AVMA can do is be sure that they endure as little as attainable when farms slaughter them en masse for “illness management.” Inform the AVMA that VSD isn’t acceptable:

Converse Up Now!

You’ll be able to assist our fellow animals struggling on farms and in slaughterhouses by going vegan. Click on the button under to start out at this time:

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