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Border Collie Canine Breed [Everything You Need to Know] | All Issues Canine


The border collie is a brilliant, energetic, medium-sized canine breed, reaching 18–23 inches tall and 26–44 kilos in weight. Border collies reside between 10 and 17 years.

With their athletic builds and keen personalities, border collies are finest suited to house owners with the time and vitality for a extremely energetic pet.

Border collies are affectionate canines which can be good with kids, however as a result of canines’ herding instincts, they shouldn’t be homed with small or nervous kids.

Border Collie Fast Abstract

Breed Sort Pastoral group (herding canine)
Dimension Males: 19–23 inches

Females: 18–21 inches

Weight Males: 30–44 kilos

Females: 26–42 kilos

Coat Double-coated lengthy fur
Colour Variations Black, white, blue, blue merle, pink merle, chocolate, sable merle, brindle, gold, lilac, pink
Shedding Reasonable all year long, heavy throughout shedding season
Persona Clever, alert, eager, energetic, loyal, responsive, athletic, desirous to please
Lifespan 10–17 years
Value $600–$1,500
Train Wants Excessive. Minimal 90 minutes of train per day
Meals Necessities 700–1,400 caloric consumption, relying on the canine’s age and exercise stage
Recognized Well being Situations Joint issues, eye circumstances
Trainability Good

Border Collie Look

a group of border collies in a field

Border collies are long-furred, medium-sized canines with lengthy our bodies and erect ears that droop on the ideas.

Border collies are available quite a lot of colour combos, together with black and white, tan and white, blue merle, slate merle, and pink and white.

Top and Weight

On common, male border collies develop to 19–23 inches tall, whereas females develop to 18–21 inches tall.

At eight weeks previous, collie puppies weigh between 3 and 5.5 kilos. The canines develop quickly till they attain 24–36 months previous, once they attain their full weight of 26 to 44 kilos.

A border collie’s weight will depend on its gender (males are 4–6 kilos heavier than females), its weight-reduction plan, and exercise stage.


There are two varieties of border collie coats: {smooth} and tough. Each are double coats, with a delicate undercoat and a rough outer coat.

Clean collies have quick fur with minimal feathering, whereas tough collies have mid-length fur with feathering on the stomach, legs, and chest.

The coat of a border collie is often black or tan, with white patches on the toes, legs, face, neck, and tail ideas.

Border collies are often bicolor, however tricolor and solid-color collie variations are additionally accessible.

Head and Facial Options

The border collie has a wedge-shaped head that’s broad and flat between the ears, with a powerful muzzle that tapers in direction of the nostril.

The border collie is finest identified for herding livestock. The breed’s almond-shaped eyes characterize their clever, hallmark “herding gaze.”

Border Collie Origins

Border Collie sitting in field

Border collies are descended from landrace collies, a canine breed originating from the Anglo-Scottish within the British Isles.

The phrase “collie” comes from a Celtic phrase, which means “helpful” – border collies have been initially bred for his or her usefulness as sheepdogs.

All of the pure traces of right this moment’s border collies might be traced again to a tricolor working canine referred to as Outdated Hemp.

Sheep responded simply to Outdated Hemp, and the canine’s herding type grew to become the normal border collie type. Outdated Hemp was thought to have fathered greater than 200 puppies.

Border Collie Persona and Temperament

Border Collie on a mountain

Border collies are loyal, inquisitive canines with numerous vitality to launch. The good, hardworking traits of the border collie make the canine straightforward to coach.

Coaching border collies is advisable as a result of untrained collies usually tend to be hyper and excessively vocal.

The border collie breed has some shy tendencies, which might turn into hostility in direction of different canines and other people if the canine isn’t correctly socialized.

As a result of border collies are energetic and extremely energetic, the canines are higher suited to properties in semi-rural or rural areas, with loads of area to play.

Border collies have a pure intuition to chase or herd. This makes them unsuitable for households with babies or different pets except the canines are correctly educated, to stop behavioral points.

Taking Care of a Border Collie Canine

Border Collie getting hair brushed

Caring for a border collie is simple, so long as you’ve gotten sufficient time and area to present this energetic canine breed what it wants.

To correctly look after a border collie, usually groom your canine, present a balanced, high-quality weight-reduction plan, and maintain your collie mentally and bodily stimulated with train and playtime.

Meals Wants

Border collies eat 700–1,400 energy per day, relying on the canine’s age and exercise stage. The extra energetic the canine, the extra energy it’ll burn day-after-day, and the extra meals it’ll require to maintain a wholesome weight.

The common every day meals requirement for grownup border collies is 1.5 to 2 cups of high quality kibble per day, twice per day.

Younger border collie puppies must be fed smaller quantities of meals extra often, round 1 cup of dry pet meals 4 instances per day.

Present high-quality, age-appropriate pet food on your border collie. Keep away from giving too many treats in between meals, which will increase the chance of weight problems.

Depart clear, recent water in an accessible location on your canine to drink all through the day.

Grooming Wants

Grooming border collies is simple, and the identical grooming approach can be utilized for grooming smooth- and rough-coated border collies.

Brush your canine with a pin brush twice every week, or as a lot as is required. Throughout shedding seasons within the spring and fall, brush your canine day-after-day to take away molted fur.

Lengthy-fur collies are extra vulnerable to matting and tangles, and are extra seemingly than short-fur collies to build up grime of their coats.

To make sure your border collie can stroll correctly, clip your canine’s nails as soon as each 4 or 5 weeks.

Train Wants

The border collie is an athletic, highly-driven breed that requires numerous every day train. A fast stroll within the park or playtime within the yard isn’t sufficient for this canine.

Border collies favor area to run and revel in having a goal throughout train. Present a minimum of 90 minutes of various, intense train — reminiscent of a brisk stroll, jogging, or fetch — per day.

Non-working border collies want vigorous train to be happy. When strolling a border collie, deliver sports activities gear like dog-safe frisbees and tennis balls on your pet to play with.

Except for strolling, border collies get pleasure from taking part in herding, agility workout routines, obedience, monitoring, and rally occasions and competitions.

Border collies are breeds for energetic house owners, not sedentary house owners or house owners who lead busy existence and may’t match within the time to stroll their canines.

Border collies are finest suited to properties with a again backyard, permitting the canines to stretch their legs and let off vitality in between walks and playtime.

Psychological Wants

Border collies are very smart canines that turn out to be simply bored with out satisfactory psychological stimulation. Present a minimum of half-hour of energetic stimulation on your canine day-after-day.

Playtime with toys is crucial for this canine breed. Use tug-of-war toys, chew toys, and fetch toys, and rotate the toys all through the week to maintain your canine engaged.

Puzzle toys are a great way to maintain a border collie entertained if you’re not capable of play with the canine your self.

Frequent Well being Issues

Border collies are hardy and wholesome. Shopping for a border collie pet from a accountable breeder, who screens their mum or dad canines for sicknesses, will enormously scale back the chance of hereditary circumstances like hip dysplasia and collie eye anomaly.

Even so, screening solely reduces the chance of a collie growing sure circumstances, and may’t remove the chance completely.

Among the frequent well being issues in collies are:

  • Hip dysplasia: Happens when the hip joint doesn’t match collectively correctly. Exacerbated by poor vitamin, weight problems, and sure varieties of train. Handled with life-style modifications and, in extreme instances, surgical procedure.
  • Collie eye anomaly: Attributable to the improper improvement of the attention. Impacts the retina, choroid, and sclera. Causes partial or full blindness, relying on the severity of the illness. No remedy presently accessible.
  • Sensory Neuropathy: A progressive nerve illness that impacts mobility. Causes limp joints, poor coordination, confusion, extreme leg chewing or licking, and urinary incontinence. No remedy presently accessible.
  • Epilepsy: A mind dysfunction that causes seizures or irregular behaviors like fly-catching, and tail and shadow chasing. Signs current themselves in canines between one and 4 years previous. The illness might be managed with long-term medicine.

Prepare a Border Collie

Border Collie training to catch a frisbee with their human

Border collies are clever and straightforward to coach. Start to coach a border collie pet from three to 4 months previous.

Coaching shouldn’t solely be used to show your canine methods — correct coaching can even stop behavioral points, reminiscent of herding, stalking, and automotive chasing.

Guarantee your canine is socialized early, within the first few months of its life. Present constructive publicity to quite a lot of conditions, places, and other people till the pet is seven months previous.

Start with fundamental coaching, instructing your canine to take a seat, play fetch, sleep in its crate, and go to the bathroom in the best place.

As soon as your canine has mastered the fundamentals, transfer on to extra advanced coaching instructions, reminiscent of “wait,” “heel,” “drop it,” and “quiet.”

Use treats and constructive reinforcements throughout coaching. Don’t shout at or scold your border collie as a result of this can trigger the canine to turn out to be frightened of you and hinder the coaching course of.

Border Collie Value

Border Collie puppies in green field

Border collies are a mid-range canine breed. The upfront price of a border collie is inside most peoples’ budgets, and the price of elevating a border collie is low.

How A lot is a Border Collie?

The price of a purebred border collie is $600 to $1,200. The well being standing of the mother and father, the distinctiveness of the pet’s coloring and markings, and the age of the canine all have an effect on the price of the border collie.

Grownup border collies are cheaper than puppies, and slate merle, pink merle, and lilac merle border collies are cheaper than normal black and white collies.

Present-quality border collies are the most costly, costing about $1,500. Border collies are sometimes present in rehoming shelters, and the price of adopting a canine is between $150 and $350.

Grownup border collies are extra generally accessible for adoption than puppies.

How A lot Does it Value to Elevate a Border Collie?

The primary-year bills of shopping for and elevating a border collie are $1,200–$2,600, relying on the price of the canine and related vet payments.

The month-to-month price of elevating a border collie, after the preliminary prices, is $125–$150. This consists of month-to-month vet payments, meals, and new toys.

Ought to You Get a Border Collie?

cute Border Collie

Border collies are good, playful canines that make unbelievable pets for energetic households. Nevertheless, border collies aren’t appropriate for some individuals or existence. Take into account your residing scenario fastidiously earlier than getting a border collie.

Border Collies are Appropriate for:

The border collie is right for singles, {couples}, and households with sufficient time to maintain their pet mentally and bodily stimulated with lengthy walks, coaching, and plenty of playtime.

Though border collies are adaptable canines, they’re finest suited to properties with medium-to-large gardens, ideally in semi-rural or rural areas, away from heavy visitors.

The energetic, even-tempered, and eager-to-please nature of the border collie makes this canine a loyal companion for households with older kids and adult-only households.

Border Collies are NOT Appropriate for:

Border collies turn out to be stressed, harassed, harmful, and depressed once they’re under-stimulated, in order that they’re not appropriate for inactive individuals or individuals who can’t make the time to stroll and play with their pets.

Households searching for an easygoing canine that doesn’t want a lot train shouldn’t purchase a border collie. Border collies aren’t well-suited for house residing as a result of they want loads of area to maneuver.

Though border collies are protecting of kids, the canines are higher suited to households with older kids that gained’t chase the pet.


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